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Truck dispatching service company

You’re looking for professional truck dispatch services? Whether you are an owner-operator or a small trucking company, you can reach to our services with confidence. Our team is composed of well-trained people that can help you with any trucking problem you may encounter.

Choosing the right collaborators can bring your company the success you always wanted. We’re ready to help you with everything you need. All you need to do is contact us and discuss with us about your wishes and expectations. Then, we can help you choose the best plan for you.

Payment Plans

Let our experienced truck dispatchers help you negotiate the best possible rates for your fleet.

Rate Negotiations

Do you know what the market rate is for the lanes where loads are coming out?

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Our team assist your business in a wide range of areas from the US territory.

Carrier Setup

Free Set-Up and Free Advice For Consultation and How to Get Started In This Industry Of Logistics.

Professional freight dispatcher

If you’re new in the field, you probably are not familiarized with some terms. However, truck dispatch comes as a must for the companies at the beginning. So, a truck dispatcher does more than simply receiving calls for customers. They’re the link between vendors and drivers and are ensuring that the process of picking and delivering packages is done successfully, without any complaints.

With independent dispatch services, you can be sure that the goods are shipped in time and at the right destination. Also, they create and optimize the load and routes for the professional truck drivers.

Who can work with us? - Available loads

What are the truck types that can work with us and what benefits you get depending on your truck.

Dry Van

If you are looking for a truck dispatcher to manage your dry van freight, you’ve found the right place.

Step Deck

We offer professional services for oversize and over-height cargo like Step Deck trucks.


If you are searching for a reefer truck dispatcher to manage your reefer freight, our team can help you.

What are the advantages for you?

Professional truck dispatch service can bring you lots of advantages. The main opponent of this kind of services are the freight brokers. In contrast to them, our services focus on you and we technically work for you. So, our interest is to increase the quality and profitability of your services. On the other hand, a freight broker focuses on charging the suppliers as much as possible and paying you as little as possible.

Save your time

We can handle all the services that a trucking company or an owner-operator may need. From paperwork to billing, we can count on us. This way, you will just pick and deliver the loads that we chose together.

Benefit from personalized plans

We have a wide range of plan options. The wishes and needs of companies are different, so we can’t just apply a general method. Communication is the key to amazing results in the shortest period of time possible.

Increase your profit

A freight dispatcher finds you high paid loads and negotiates in your favor. So, you’ll work less and earn more. They work on your behalf and make sure that you increase your profit as much as possible. Also, our profesionist track the daily rates and make sure that the price of the load is well defined. We try to offer you the best freight rates!

Depending on your demands, a professional truck dispatcher can help you with:

  • Providing high paid loads – Especially when you’re new in the field, you need this kind of services. You don’t have a list of clients yet and you need a start for your business. So, a specialized freight dispatcher represents a real help. You can drive and he will handle the loads at the same time. This way you save a lot of time.
  • Assigning loads and managing drivers – We’re very dedicated, so we carefully assign every load to a driver that is available and can do the delivery on time. If you are a bigger company, we’ll assure all our dispatchers with lists of your truck drivers.
  • Maintaining motor carrier compliance – It is very important to do your job in safe conditions. We’ll carefully and regularly check the aspects that can represent a danger, such as: unsafe driving, crash indicators, vehicle maintenance and substances or alcohol.
  • Managing any kind of delays – Our dispatchers are prepared for unexpected delays caused by different conditions, such as traffic and weather. We manage all the problems calmly and find suitable solutions. Also, we make sure that all the suppliers are satisfied with the services.
  • Handling administrative matters – You don’t have to worry about paperwork or details about the billing. Our company can handle every detail in the process of delivering any load. Furthermore, you can be paid on the same day of the delivery.

What are the responsibilities of a good dispatcher?

A good dispatcher pays attention to any detail on the services that he or the trucking company does. It is very important to find a dispatch team that can take care of all the details, such as:

Keep drivers active – Especially with big companies, the dispatcher needs to have the ability of multitasking. He must keep every driver active so the profit of the company increases in the shortest period of time possible.

Takes care of the suppliers – They need to be satisfied by the services, so they would reach to them and to your trucking company. To fulfill their needs, the dispatcher must assure that the delivery is picked-up and delivered in time and intact.

Keep drivers happy – The driver is the one that does the hard job. He drives for hours without rest so that the delivery is done in time. Also, driving a truck is harder than driving a car. So, it is important that the drivers feel safe and appreciated. That’s the only way to avoid conflicts.

Our Goals in Numbers

If you’re looking for trucking dispatch services, check our plans and find what suits you best!

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Our Happy Clients!

Great Work

This team is everything i need to get my plans in order. They negotiate with the brokers to get great rates, and they offer the best loads so far. Highly recommended for those who are in the trucking business and want to succeed.

Jemma Stone

CEO, Acme Industries

Awesome Results

I worked with this dispatch company for 3 years and i can honestly say that in this time my budget growed for at least 30%! All the staff is friendly and they work a lot to help out as much as they can.

Kelly Joe

CEO, Acme Industries

Very good for my trucking company

The service these company provide is great and I don’t need to waste my time searching for loads, billing and all that stuff.

Stella Alba

CEO, Acme Industries

In collaboration with us you can take advantage of multiple benefits and collaborate with a professional team.

Why choose Speed X?

Our company guarantees you a premium experience, focused on our values: professionalism, transparency and seriousness. Our main mission is to contribute to our clients’ evolution from every point of view. So, in collaboration with us, you’ll experience:

  • Easy and pleasant collaboration with a professional truck dispatch company – It’s very important to find people that can satisfy your wishes and demands. So, that’s why our company could suit your needs. Our qualified team is prepared to fulfill your requirements. Also, we can follow feedback from clients, this way we make sure that the expectations are accurate. We’ll be by your side throughout the entire process and ready to help you anytime.
  • We can fulfill any service in the field of truck dispatch – Our company created a wide range of plans that include different services we deal with. Also, we can help you find your best plan by analyzing together your needs. Especially when you’re at the beginning, a company specialized in the field represents a real help in your evolution.
  • Specialized team in emergency management – Regardless of the field in which you work, crises can occur easier than you think. It takes one delivery delay to break out a real conflict between the suppliers and a trucking company. That’s why we’re here, to protect your and your company’s reputation! Our team is always on stage, ready with a solution to any problem that your driver can encounter. Promptness and ingenuity are the main qualities of our crisis management people.
  • Truck dispatch services at affordable prices – You can reach for our services without worrying about the prices. Also, we don’t have any kind of hidden or additional taxes. The prices are different from one plan to another. It depends on the complexity of what you choose.
  • We collaborate with a wide range of trucks – Whether you’re a company that works with lots of trucks or an owner-operator, you can have a good collaboration with us. So, we can collaborate with dry vans, step decks, reefers, flatbeds, power only or hotshots

If You Have Any Questions Related our services, Please Feel Free to Contact Us

truck dispatch company could help you find your hotshot suppliers. By doing this, you can stress less and save your time.